About Our Club
"Together we can achieve more!"
Thanks to the hard work of a range of people including our Charter President, Christian Chasset, our club was officially chartered on 9 July 2016.
The particularity of the Rotary Club of DB is that it is the first and only community-based club in Hong Kong, which means that members live in DB and meetings take place in DB...
We currently have over 20 active members along with 2 honorary members. Our active members consist of small business owners, professionals and those not in the active workforce.  We are a mix of men and women ranging in age from mid 30's right up to something a bit more than that ! Regardless of who you are we like to think we have something to offer for everyone !
All the money raised is integrally used for local and international charities.
However the club would like to develop more projects in DB. So if you know anyone who would need help, please let us know!
Since November 2018, the club has set up a new “Meet & Greet” event on the 4th Friday of every month for that very purpose.
Everyone can join. The aim is to welcome anyone in DB who might be interested to know more about Rotary, or may wish to bring to their attention a cause that you would like them to support, or simply for everyone who might want to help or to join.
If you would like to know more, please contact us

Past President Honour Roll:
2016-17 | Charter President Christian CHASSET
2017-18 | Jean-Roch MARTIN
2018-19 | Victor RILEY
2019-20 | Moran ZUKERMAN
2020-21 | Moran ZUKERMAN
2021-22 | Catya MARTIN
2022-23 | Jean-Roch MARTIN
2023-24 | Karim Vincent BERRADA